Why I DO NOT WANT you to do Cardio all Year round

Sounds Weird, right?) Now let me explain you why I claim so. The whole brief point here is this: Whatever you do on a consistent basis for a long time, stops being as effective as it was when you started doing it. For example, your body adapts to caloric deficit (so called dieting). As a result, metabolism slows down and you plateau. That is why we do refeeds, carb cycling […]

Cold Hard Truth Every Client MUST Know!

What is one of the most important things I talk to clients about during our consultation?  Diet? Nah. How commited they are? Close. Their goals and how I can help them? Warmer but still a bit away. The Answer is EXPECTATIONS. Unless we are on the same page about how fast a client will be losing weight, gaining muscle, whatever goals he/she has, we won’t start working together. The hard […]

Best Tip for Explosive Workout!

Best Tip to make your workout Super Explosive! Hi Here is a Tip I discovered not so long ago. And it really made a Difference! Here is what it is:   We were always told that you need Carbs before workout otherwise it is going to be a s*itty one! Not even close to the truth! Most people know that having too much carbs before workout causes so-called Hypoglycemia, the […]

Something You Never Heard About Recovery!

Something You Never heard about recovery. The concept of “Recovery Points” I know that as soon as I name what it is, you will say: «I’ve heard about it a thousand times! Tell me something new!» But What I like to say in response to that is: «You might know it, but are you actually doing it? Or doing it Right?» And yes I am going to talk about recovery. […]

If You are a Newbie, MUST READ Before you start!

What most beginners can’t understand and The lack of patience.   The basics What goals does each beginner chase when he comes to the gym? Put on some muscle and, maybe, lose some fat. If you ask them by what date they want to achieve his goal(s), he is most likely to answer something like: «As soon as possible», or «In 2-3 months». That’s exactly where most problems come into place… […]