Something You Never Heard About Recovery!

Something You Never heard about recovery. The concept of “Recovery Points” I know that as soon as I name what it is, you will say: «I’ve heard about it a thousand times! Tell me something new!» But What I like to say in response to that is: «You might know it, but are you actually doing it? Or doing it Right?» And yes I am going to talk about recovery. […]

If You are a Newbie, MUST READ Before you start!

What most beginners can’t understand and The lack of patience.   The basics What goals does each beginner chase when he comes to the gym? Put on some muscle and, maybe, lose some fat. If you ask them by what date they want to achieve his goal(s), he is most likely to answer something like: «As soon as possible», or «In 2-3 months». That’s exactly where most problems come into place… […]